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Each year, thousands of employees who receive their pay through direct deposit toss their pay stubs in the trash. You can help us eliminate this waste.

How? You can sign up for our new service, MyProPay.

MyProPay is a new, environmentally friendly, FREE program which allows your employees to retrieve their payroll information online instead of receiving paper direct deposit pay stubs (live checks will still have pay stubs). Employees simply log onto and retrieve their pay stubs online. In fact, most of the time the pay stubs are available for viewing before their money is in the bank! But it gets even better! Employees can also view previous pay stubs, PTO balances, 401k, benefits information and much more!

Some of your employees don't have direct deposit? No Problem! They can have their paychecks deposited onto a PayCard. A PayCard works just like a debit card but no checking account is required.

  MyProPay Free Up Your Time
You have a business to run. Taking the time to answer employee questions about their pay and/or benefits doesn't make it any easier. MyProPay empowers your employees to get the information they need on their own.

Real Time Access
Employees have access to their information day or night in real time. No more having to call the office to find out their net pay or having to come into the office to pick up their stubs. Whether it's 1 p.m. or 1 a.m., employees can print or view their pay stubs at their convenience and see up to the minute information relating to their pay, benefits and personal information.

Safe and Secure
Employees are only permitted to see their own information. Access is password protected and inputs are validated against master file data. Furthermore, since most information can only be viewed and not edited, the information remains secure. Employees simply logon to to register and begin using the system right away. Employers can even limit what information can be accessed or changed online.

It's Green
Without paper pay stubs or payroll reports to send through the mail or fax, we're all doing our part to help protect our planet.

It's Convenient and Free!
Employers can view employee payroll and benefit information online. Employers can also send messages to their employees with access to the system at no cost. Announce upcoming meetings or changes in benefit plans. So contact your HR representative today to sign up and begin enjoying the benefits of MyProPay today.


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