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Employee Benefits

PROPAY can help maintain your current benefit plan or, if you do not have one currently in place, we can set one up for you. We can leverage our relationship with top benefit providers in your area to help set up an attractive, affordable benefit package for you and your employees. This can help attract, as well as retain, top-quality employees, helping reduce costly turnover and increasing productivity.
Employee Benefits
Retirement Plans
Whether a 401-k, SIMPLE or other retirement plan is best for your company we will help with that decision for any size business. Our partnership with the industry’s leading investment providers has helped us offer the highest level of service at an exceptional value. Contributions are transferred electronically and invested quickly in order to maximize earnings potential. Your employees can access retirement plan information on the Internet or via telephone any time they need information on their accounts. This is just one more way we can help you retain employees and increase your companies productivity.

Health Insurance
PROPAY can help your company set up a health insurance plan that will be both affordable and attractive to you and your employees. We work with several top insurance brokers to provide health, dental, vision, and disability products to our clients. We can help manage you existing plan or help you start a new one. We constantly compare coverage and prices so you don’t have to saving you time and money. What could be better!

Sec. 125 & POP (Premium only Plans)
If your employees pay a portion of their health care insurance premiums, PROPAY has a way to increase their net pay and reduce your payroll taxes. Your employee’s health care insurance premiums are deducted prior to calculating their gross wages. This reduces the taxable gross amount for both employer and employee saving both of you money. This will increase their take home pay and reduce costly payroll taxes.

529 College Savings/ IRA’s
If any of your employees have expressed an interest in College Savings Plans or Individual Retirement Accounts we can help with that to. College Savings plans allow them to put money away from each payroll cycle to help fund an account which can be used for post secondary education. An IRA is a great idea for anyone who would like to help supplement his or her retirement plans as well.

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